Case Study: Ecteon

Helpdesk has a very user friendly and clean interface. We researched 15 support desk systems and for the cost Helpdesk was the best product in terms of features and ease of use!

Support and Training Manager


  • Wanted to standardize support in one system for the entire company and sought to enhance collaboration and customer service across the entire company
  • They wanted to improve their ability to share the information between support, sales and development
  • They required a solution to be: easy-to-use, low cost and accessible over internet


  • Ecteon chose Polar Help Desk Professional as their support solution
  • Polar Help Desk was chosen because of it’s interface design and feature / price ratio
  • Staff received minimal training before full adoption


  • Gained a comprehensive online view of support activities
  • Improved tracking and management of customer information and support requests
  • Better tracking of key customers through support cycle
  • Better monitoring of all support incidents, no incidents were lost during support process
  • Streamlined collaboration across different departments / locations
  • Improved productivity of our support staff

About Ecteon

At Ecteon we believe contract management is at the core of the enterprise, and we are committed to providing the world’s leading contract management solution. Our focus is on providing the software tools and accompanying training, advice and assistance to optimize the productivity of contract managers and contract management processes. That is our sole focus. We believe that such optimization will help our customers reduce costs, reduce risk, better leverage other employees and processes that must interact with company contracts, improve relations with customers, suppliers, and other third parties, and, in many cases, increase revenue through better exploitation of contractual opportunities.


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