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Polar d.o.o. , Put Supavla 1, 21000 Split, Croatia, Europe
E-mail: support@polarsoftware.com
Phone: +385 98 213 398

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VAT ID: HR75442092153
PDV ID: HR75442092153
OIB: 75442092153
MB: 0983420
MBS: 060154803

Bank account:

Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. Zagreb.
Austria d.d. Zagreb / SWIFT: RZBHHR2X /
IBAN: HR4624840081102083936
Hr Account number: HR2484008-1102083936


Founded in 1995, Polar is an award winning, software engineering company that has since developed and marketed wide scope of quality software products.

With more than 7000 customers worldwide years of development and investment, Polar continuously delivers high-performance products packed with supreme and efficient customer service.

Our client list includes respected companies like Associated Press, Citibank, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Intel Corporation, US Air Force, D&B, Johnson & Johnson, Kodak, Oxford University Press, The Boston Globe, American Express, JVC Asia, Siemens Business Services, Warner Bros.

Polar always strives to stay abreast of the latest software and technology trends as our software keeps demonstrating on daily basis.

Web(HR): www.polar.hr


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