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Pay What you Want - Polar Help Desk 5 - web based help desk software


How many licenses I will get with this product (“Pay What you Want for 1st License”)?

One named license.

What will I get if I buy a “Software Upgrade Plan” with this “Pay What you Want for 1st License” product?
With the Software Upgrade Plan, you are assured of obtaining all the new versions of the product for a period of 12 months. It includes both minor and major releases.
You can buy “Software Upgrade Plan renewal” for $50/year/licence,  here.

Can I try Polar Help Desk 5 before I buy it?

Yes. Fully functional version of Polar Help Desk 5 is installed here. You can also download Polar Help Desk 5 – 30 Day Free Trial with one named license from our web site.

How do you deliver your products?

Polar software products are only available via ESD (Electronic Software Download).

How can I report a bug in application or an error in documentation?

Please submit bug reports, documentation errors, and feature requests at Our software engineers review these reports and do their best to address these requests in the next product release cycle.

How do I enter new license key?
Once you have obtained the new key, here is what you need to do to enter new key:

  1. Log in to your helpdesk as administrator
  2. Go to Administration > Licenses, enter new license key and save it.

Our company uses Polar Help Desk 4. Can we upgrade to Polar Help Desk 5 when we buy  “Pay What you Want for 1st License”?
No. You need a minimum of one Named License if you want to make upgrade. With upgrade you can  transfer you data from Polar Help Desk 4 to Polar Help Desk 5.  Please check the current pricing list here.  More detail upgrade instruction is to be found here on our wiki help.

Are the named support licenses transferable?

Yes, the named licenses are transferable; you can add or remove users from named users list anytime.

I have one named license. Does this mean that I can have one support person and as many service users as I need?

Yes, you can have unlimited number of customers — users that are ‘only’ service desk users and do not fall under the 1 named user in the license. They can be in multiple accounts and roles, for example one role will give them permissions to see incidents of their accounts and not only their own, other to see or edit some part of knowledge base, etc.

Can I purchase an additional license?

To purchase an additional named license please follow the link and place your order for the Polar Help Desk 5 one named license. We will then send you a new license key that you should use to have all your licenses activated.

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