Polar Office

Polar Office is the complete solution for your business and personal needs: word processor, spreadsheet , charting & illustrating!


What is the Polar Office?
This office suite brings you a set of small but useful applications you will really use in your everyday work! The stars of the show are:

Polar Lapis :: word processor
Make everyday documents’ editing simple and time-saving. Polar Lapis has various options that add polish to your documents. You have access to spell checkers in 14 languages, autocorrect options, tables, borders and backgrounds, charts and many more.
It may look deceivingly simple at first glance, but don’t let that fool you; it’s powerful!

Polar Forte :: spreadsheet
Discover simpler ways to analyze data and find that elusive solution! Polar Forte offers rich charting and analysis tools for creating spreadsheets and for turning your data into valuable information. It is so easy to use: whether you are an absolute novice or a demanding user, Polar Forte is an elegant provider of answers you can count on. This program makes your financial planning and calculating a piece of cake!

Polar Draw :: illustration tool
Utilizing our powerful Polar Draw control, this application lets you create and edit drawings, design your own advertising leaflets, logos, illustrations, and other visual elements. Of course, it is not as powerful, clumsy nor hardware demanding as Corel Draw for example, but it meets every need for the speedy creation and deployment of visual elements into your document.

Polar Calculator :: poweful calculator
This handy application easily solves all mathematical problems that demand high level functions: searching for Local Function Extremes or Roots of Equations, calculating function Derivatives or Integrals, solving System equations, plotting the function Graph and executing various other mathematical operations.

Polar MultiClipboard :: it saves lives
Leave behind the limitations of standard Windows Clipboard facilities: this is a feature-rich clipboard utility, allowing you to use copied items over and over again! Polar MultiClipboard is a tool to be used each and every day, no matter which application are you working with. You simply must have it! We @ Polar can’t live without it. It literally saves our lives!

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