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Web-based Help Desk Software

Manage and deliver support services to your employees and customers through a central web-based help desk portal.

With Polar Help Desk 5 you can:

  • integrate incident and email management
  • manage email flow with multiple email accounts
  • automate email-to-incident conversion and email notifications
  • manage teams and supporters with roles and permissions
  • build knowledge bases and let your customers view and edit them
  • manage accounts, contacts and service level agreements
  • generate reports, edit them and build your own
  • attach work orders to incidents, manage documents
  • choose your own categories, language labels, email templates

30 Day Free Trial version

Download the fully featured 30 Day Free Trial Polar Help Desk 5. :
– Web based help desk software with one named license,
– 30 day free customer support through our help desk.

Source code

Polar Help Desk 5 source code is available for purchase at US$ 3,000.
Since we deliver the full source code of the product (not as API or SDK), you are allowed to make any modification: integrate help desk with other applications of yours; add or remove features; create web services; connect it to third party’s systems and more.

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