You would probably like to hear about experiences our customer had with Polar products and service…

Our service

…The products I have purchased from you have been useful, but even more so they have become valuable learning tools for me. By studying your source code I have become a much better programmer.
Steve Blosser

“Thank you for such wonderful, efficient service.”
Dominic Earl

“The programs of your company are well known in the world. They have received the perfect recommendations. It is pleasant to me with you to conduct business. It would be desirable to receive an additional information about possibilities of your perfect programs.”
Vasily Roshin

“Just wanted to say “Thanks” you for your quick reply! It’s nice to know that the Polar Software support team is quick to respond to the customers, unlike some other companies we have dealt with in the past…”
Steve Peterson

Polar ZIP Component

“Your product allows us to integrate this zipping and unzipping process into our product behind the scenes. It is also compatible with other zipping utilities that our customers are familiar with such as WinZip and PKZip. This makes supporting the interface part of our software easier”
E. Turner

“I just purchased Polar Zip Light from your website… the product is already in use, works like a charm, my compliments.”
Jan van Hellemond

Unzipping over 2,000 files by hand is not something you’d want to do often so, I had written a VB app to do the task for me. PolarZip was the only control that worked with out a great deal of coding. All the others I tried required much more work on my part and were going to cost more. Again thank you for your help.
Bill Losse

Polar Draw Component

“…The control is very rich in its editing abilities — the best I’ve found so far…”
Roy Green

“You’ve been very helpful! I really appreciate everything you’ve done so far. I’m definitely going to buy the product….”
Nathan Haveles

“Cool ! Do keep me abreast of your new releases. You may add my name to any such mailing list you might be having….we have selected PolarDraw over the similar other products in the market.”
Rajesh Khare

“I needed a drawing tool for an application I’m working on. It needed to be easy to use for both the developer and the end user. I was using an OLE and going out to Visio. It was slow. I downloaded and used all the tools. Polar Draw control beats the pants off all the others. It is the slickest draw tool available. I had it mastered in only a few hours. Great documentation, great example code. Nice!!”

Polar SpellChecker Component

“I’ve downloaded your Demo and I’m really surprised how easy your spellchecker works.”
Albert Bardewyck

“So far the Spell Checker DLL has been EXTREMELY easy to implement. I think your spell checker looks much more professional than the other brands I tried, and the fact that you guys have a help file instead of just a readme.txt file is definately a huge plus for your product. I am very happy with it…
Chris Wilson

Polar Crypto Component

“I have been looking for this type of control for a long time, there are some wrappers and SDK’ s around but I prefer to work with an ActiveX control. Keep up the good work.”
Paul White

“This control is a great timesaver and has reduced my development time 200%. Rather than compiling Rijndael C code and learning how to use it, I was able to simply add a PolarCrypto control to my form, copy and paste the great examples from the help file, and I was up and running in less than 4 minutes! Why work when you can start playing right away?”
Michael Vaughn

“We purchased Polar Crypto last year and very pleased with stability and performance of your software. During this year we didn’t have any problems with it. We are using this component in highly transactional environment available 24/7/365. Thanks for providing great software.”
Igor Vornovitskiy

“Your encryption and hash creation routines are great and I feel more than confident as far as security is concerned.”
Trent L. Taylor

Polar HelpDesk

Love the software!
John McNeil

Wow. How many developers developed this product? It’s so cool, I really love it.
Haejin Chang

Polar KnowledgeBase

I like this Product, very cool. Also I really appreciated your guys quick response.
Haejin Chang

Thank you for your GREAT feedback. I really appreciate it. And thank you for the file that allows me to pass in an article ID! That’s awesome!
Dave Todaro

We just bought a copy of your Knowledge Base software and like it very much.
Joakim Söderberg


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