Pricing and Licensing

License Type Cost of License
1 license
1 named technician $240 USD – BUY!
1 concurrent technician $300 USD – BUY!
Polar Help Desk Professional with FULL source code
Source Code with unlimited technicians
$299 USD – BUY!
( ex $2,000 ) – special low, limited-time pricing

Polar Help Desk Professional REBRANDING
Rebranding with right to distribute the source code
Rebranding $30.000 USD
Other… Find out more about available plans and prices
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Example: If you order 3 concurrent technician licenses, you will actually receive 3 concurrent and 1 named license to use.
Please click on the prices in price table to choose the number and the combination of the licenses you need and then proceed to place the order.


All fees are exclusive of all taxes, levies, or duties imposed by taxing authorities, and customer shall be responsible for payment of all such taxes, levies, or duties.


Polar Help Desk software licensing models are based on number of Support Representatives (Technicians), while the number of customers is not limited and customer licenses are free. You can choose fixed and concurrent licensing model or any combination of the two. Click here to read more about licensing.


Free support plan is included in all licenses.


There are two levels of maintenance: Standard and Premium Maintenance. Standard Maintenance is free for all customers.
The Premium Maintenance requires an annual maintenance fee: 20% of the license list price.
Click here to read more about Maintenance plans.

Source Code License

The source code of Polar Help Desk is available for purchase.
The source code license entitles you to modify each and every portion of the software. You are enabled to adjust this support management solution to your peculiar needs and also to make it look & feel like an integral part of your web site.
Many companies find this option as a crucial advantage of Polar Help Desk software.

Contact Sales Department

Contact our sales department for information on pricing and payment options or to receive a price quote. Please remember to provide us with the number of named and/or concurrent licenses you would need.

Our sales personnel will also give you the information about the source code purchase.


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