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By downloading Free Polar Help Desk 4 you get:

This is not a trial. It is a free help desk software that enables you to provide online customer support:

  • no limitations in functionality
  • no trial period expiration
  • no obligations on your side
  • unlimited number of end users
  • limited to 1 technician
  • commercial use allowed

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this version of Polar Help Desk for commercial purposes?
Yes. You may use this version of Polar Help Desk in your support department for free, with no additional fees paid to Polar.

Please explain what do you mean by “free commercial use”?
Unlike other software companies Polar enables you to use the free version of Polar Help Desk Professional for all your company needs as if you have purchased Polar Help Desk with 1 named license. So if you don’t need any extra licenses for your support team, you can start using it with no strings attached to Polar.

Can I get a certificate that this version of Polar Help Desk is legal?
Such certificate is available at request. Please submit your request to help desk. Make sure to include the licensee name and address as well as the product name for which you request the certificate.

Do I need to register to download this version of Polar Help Desk?
No. You are free to download it without any form of registration. Please go ahead!

Can I purchase more licenses for this version of Polar Help Desk?
Yes. You can place your order for additional number of licenses and this free named license will be included in your order as a gift.

I would like to buy a number of licenses. Can I download this version for free and then pay for additional licenses, so I effectively get one license for free?
Yes. With your purchase you will get 1 named license free of charge. For example: if you order 5 concurrent licenses, you will actually have 5 concurrent and 1 named license to use in the help desk. License prices are available here.

Can I upgrade to Premium Maintenance?
Yes. Price of upgrade to Premium Maintenance is 20% of the market value of the licenses you own. In the case of 1 named license the upgrade price to Premium Maintenance Contract is 50$.

What does “time limited offer” mean?
Polar will offer download of this version of Polar Help Desk for a limited time. This offer can be terminated by Polar at any time without prior notice.

Would I need to reinstall Polar Help Desk Pro if I purchase additional licenses?
No. There is no reason to reinstall Polar Help Desk, you can easily add additional licenses later on. You simply replace the old license key with the new one and the software is upgraded.

Where do I find the license key for the free version of Polar Help Desk Professional?
You do not need the license key for this free version, it comes by default with 1 named license.

Can I upgrade from 1 named free to 1 concurrent license for the difference in the prices of those two?
No, if you need the concurrent license you should purchase one. In that case you will have 2 licenses available to use in the help desk: 1 named (granted) and 1 concurrent.

What is named license compared to concurrent one?
Named license guarantees the user to login to the application at any time and from anywhere. It cannot be shared between the users. Concurrent license is more flexible. It allows you to add as many users as you like, all with logon access, but only N users can be logged on at any one time. N is the number of concurrent users purchased. Read more details.

Do you provide technical support for free version of Polar Help Desk?
Yes, we provide support for free version of Polar Help Desk. Our support team is at your disposal during the evaluation period absolutely free. Please do not hesitate to contact us via live chat or our help desk center.

How long am I allowed to use this free license?
You can use the 1 named license for as long as you like, there is no expiration date for this licenses.

Can I redistribute this free version of Polar Help Desk Professional?
Yes, you are welcome to do so. Please note the following:

  • You may distribute this software on media’s like CDs and DVD’s as long as it marked as free software
  • You may add this software to your online software directories under free software solutions.
  • You may not sell, resell, or otherwise transfer for value this version of Polar Help Desk.


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