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Rebranding of Polar Help Desk 5

What is rebranding of Polar Help Desk 5?

Rebranding means assigning the entire right to the product to your company a non-exclusive basis. You would be able to market this help desk under your own trademark as if it was a software developed by your company.

Why rebranding?

  • If you want to start your own software company – you can start with a finished, reliable product and continue building your own software products around it.
  • If you have your own customer support (or other compatible) software products – you can enhance your offer with a help desk software and provide more complete solution to your clients.

What’s the cost?

One time fee of US$ 150,000 includes:

  • Product with its full source code
  • Rights to modify any part of the source code
  • Rights to put your brand on the product and sell it or host as you find it fitting without any limitation
  • Right to distribute the source code with the product

Cost justification for purchasing vs developing help desk software

Rebranding of Polar Help Desk 5 enables you to have your own help desk software product without spending years on developing it. It took us about 4 years to get this help desk product developed, polished and stabilized. You have the opportunity to start off with the stabile, reliable product.

What does it take to develop a similar help desk software?

  1. For the initial release with basic help desk functionality: 5 experienced software architects fully engaged in the product development
  2. ~10 testers
  3. 4 years

Now, calculate only the expense of your development team and it will show that the cost of rebranding Polar Help Desk 5 is justified.

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What kind of rights do I receive with this agreement?

We would assign you the entire right to the respective product on a non-exclusive basis. This means assigning you the entire right, title and interest in Product and associated documentation. You are allowed to put your brand (your trademark) to this software product and distribute it further on the market.

Does this mean that I do not need to buy any user licenses from you, I can sell them and keep all the money myself?

Correct. You do not need to buy any additional licenses. After you pay the one-time fee there are absolutely no royalties or other fees you should pay to Polar as you distribute or host the software to your customers.
This means you can sell, assign, re-assign the licenses to your clients as you find it appropriate. Your sales choices are not restricted in any way, which means you can set your own price for the software and keep all the profits.

Am I allowed to change the source code to make the software look like integral part of my product line?

You are allowed to modify any part of the source code.

Will I receive the source code of the product’s future updates?

No. The license covers only the current version of the software as it is; future updates are not included.
Your company, as well as Polar, are entitled to create their own enhancements and future versions of Product, and neither party shall have rights to the other party’s modifications to the code.

Do you provide support for the source code?

No, we do not provide technical support for the source code.

What about technical support for my clients?

You are solely responsible for the support to your clients.

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