Polar Skymem

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What is Polar Skymem?

Polar Skymem lets you share your Skype chats on the web. Your Skype conversations are stored in a single web place where anyone can view and search them through only a web browser.

How does it work?

It takes only 3 steps to get it work and running:

  1. Download and install the software
  2. Select the contact or contacts whose conversations you want to record
  3. You can now use your Skype as usually, but the chats with the selected contacts are stored and you can preview those chat transcripts through a link provided in the notification message when you start the first chat.

Polar Skymem shows as an icon in the system tray and enables you to simply pause, turn of or restart the recording at any point, as well as change the contacts whose chats you want to record.

Why use Polar Skymem?

Unique search feature for Skype chats
Polar Skymem indexes your local Skype Chat History and enables you instant search of all your Skype chat at once.

Store and reuse your Skype chats
Polar Skymem lets you share your Skype conversations across the company or any other group.
It helps you spread the information easy and effortlessly. In our company we use it to keep everyone informed of what is going on. The central link is visible to all employees and instead of sending internal newsletters, messages, every one can stay in touch with the latest events, developments.

Download Polar Skymem

The product is in beta version. We are working eagerly to release the full product soon!

Should you have any comments and suggestions feel free to let us know.


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