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Do I need to register to download free products?

No. You are free to download them without any form of registration.

Do I get support for these free products?

  • For free Help Desk Applications we do provide technical support. Please post your questions to our help desk and our support team will reply within few hours.
  • Support is not available for free Software Components and Desktop Applications.

Can I use free products from Polar for commercial purposes?

Yes. You may use them commercially, with no additional fees paid to Polar. All you have to do is download the product and you get the license under which you are free to use the product for your business provided the software is used in accordance to the End User License Agreement. The Agreement is the part of the software.

Can I get a certificate that this version is legal for commercial purposes?

Such certificate is available at request. Please submit your request to help desk. Make sure to include the licensee name and address as well as the product name for which you request the certificate.


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