Source code

Source code with unlimited technicians

Polar Help Desk Professional Source Code now includes:

  • Product Polar Help Desk Professional
  • Unlimited technician license: there is no limit to the number of technicians (support representatives) in your help desk system.
  • Complete source code: you are allowed to make any modifications add or remove features, create web services, connect to third party’s systems.

About the product architecture

Source code architecturePolar Help Desk design is based on a 3-layer architecture. The three layers that Help Desk consists of are the following:

  1. Presentation Layer
  2. Business Layer
  3. Data Layer

Presentation Layer

Presentation Layer is the top layer that takes care of presenting Business Data to users and offering a way to manipulate this data, to perform Business Processes. This is the only layer that contains information about the specific technology used to create the user interface (for example, web controls that can be rendered to standard HTML, or standard Windows controls that result in a desktop application).

Business Layer

Business Layer is the middle layer. This is where Business Processes, Business Rules and Business Logic are implemented and where all Business Data is defined. Functionality of this layer is mainly used from the Presentation Layer.

Data Layer

Data Layer is the bottom layer. Its purpose is to manage the data storage and provide the upper layers with the ability to store and retrieve data. Functionality of Data Layer is mainly used from the Business Layer.

Polar Help Desk is a Microsoft .NET 1.1 based product written in C#. Minimum requirements are Windows 2000 with IIS 5 and Microsoft SQL 2000 or MSDE.

FAQ about the source code

Do we get support when we encounter problem or issue when working with the source code?

We do not  provide support for source code.

What could we expect of source code, is it an API or SDK version with an compiled kernel?

We deliver the complete source code and you are allowed to make any modifications: create web services, connect to third party’s systems, add or remove features.

What about newer versions of the source code? Will they be available when new releases come out?

Updates from version 4.1 to all 4.x versions are included. So you will be able to download those updates as available from our web site.

Where can I find the source code license agreement?

General License Agreement on Access to Polar Help Desk Source Code.

Are there third party licenses that we have to purchase separately?

You must acquire the “IP*Works! ASP.NET Edition” Single Server License (its cost is $249).

Also, for the purpose of implementing reports feature in Polar Help Desk we have purchased and used Infragistics NetAdvantage for ASP.NET. Should you be developing the reports feature in the designtime, then you should acquire additional seats (licenses).

How many companies use this product?

Polar Help Desk has been on the market for 7 years and it has been implemented in more than 1000 companies world wide. Polar Help Desk  Free has been downloaded and used in more than 50000 companies.

Its robust architecture has been developed and improved for 5 years by a team of 7 experienced architects and a large team of support personnel.


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