Case Study: GetYourIT

Your teams willingness to help me figure out a way to integrate directly with your code was excellent. They are Kick butt and very customer service oriented. That swayed me more then anything. Great Teamwork!

Sean M. Fiske, President


  • GetYourIT provided support to customers over phone and email system
  • Wanted to improve their current system to be able to provide top user experience to drive adoption
  • They were also looking to standardize on one system for the entire company


  • GetYourIT was looking for a centralized solution that is accessible over Internet and solution that could provide a single view of the entire support process
  • Purchased Polar Help Desk Professional, it was chosen because of it was easy-to-use and feature / price ratio
  • There were not barriers like high cost, slow implementation


  • The solution has been completely 100% adopted by support staff. Staff received minimal training before full adoption
  • Improved tracking and management of customer information and support requests
  • Better coordination of support and sales
  • Better tracking of key customers through support cycle and monitoring of their incidents during support process
  • Current and historical support reports and customer service data are now available on demand through web interface

About GetYourIT

Our Mission is to bring big business benefits of best in class services, and deliver those services at an affordable price to small and mid-sized organizations. From the beginning of our entry into the technology advocacy and consulting industry, GetYourIT has strived to deliver superior IT services to our clients. With the growing need for support at the small and mid-size level, GetYourIT is positioned to become the industry leader. Our customers don’t just think of us as another IT vendor, but as their own personal IT department ready to tackle any project that comes their way, knowing their needs always come first!


2973 Harbor Blvd #185
Costa Mesa



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