Case Study: L’arrondissement de Saint-Léonard

Polar help desk provides an easy way to keep the history of an incident. It is easy to use, well designed and very usefull. With fast action and quick response we can now faster resolve more problems.

Éric Robitaille, Software analysis, programmer and teacher


  • Because of the inability to share the information between support, sales and development, L’arrondissement de Saint-Léonard decided to standardize on one system for the entire company
  • Providing support to the external customers by e-mail or telephone and handwritten demands were hard to track. Sales and support personnel needed centralized access to comprehensive customer profiles
  • L’arrondissement de Saint-Léonard needed a cost-effective replacement that would be well adopted by user base
  • The solution ought to be easy-to-use, centralized and accessible over the Internet


  • Features like incident managment, priority escalation, e-mail automation and notifications put Polar help desk on the top of their list
  • Assigning incidents to groups and individuals, impresive knowledge base, service level managment and work orders improved their communication with the citizens
  • Polar help desk Professional was chosen because of it’s interface design, accessibility and flexibility
  • They managed to map support business proccesses and define a rules for employees to use support system


  • L’arrondissement de Saint-Léonard improved tracking and managment of customer information and support requests
  • They achieved better tracking of key customers through support cycle
  • The quality of support was increased by better monitoring of all support incidents, no incidents were lost during support process.
  • L’arrondissement de Saint-Léonard translated Polar Help Desk in french

About L’arrondissement de Saint-Léonard

On the site Internet of the district Saint Léonard you will be able to familiarize yourself with the history, democratic life and the different services offered by the district and by the City of Montréal. During your visit, you will be able to consult the available news on the different facets of life Léonardoise and on the services offered, just as well regarding leisures, culture, community and municipal services, etc.



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