Case Study: Service Point USA

Polar Help Desk is an easy to use solution that can provide any business small or large with the tools to properly manage their helpdesk and customer base. Polar can and does resolve problems of lost requests for support, and with the knowledge base empowers your end users to solve problems on their own.

Sean Donnelly, Network Operations Manager


  • Incidents reported to the helpdesk did not have one central repository for tracking and management of those incidents.
  • Needed a cost-effective replacement for the old system, that would be well adopted by user base
  • Due to an increased number of support incidents we wanted to better organize our team
  • Wanted to provide top user experience to drive adoption
  • Wanted to standardize on one system for the entire company


  • They wanted a solution that could be deployed in 30 days or less
  • The solution had to be easy-to-use and the costs needed to be low.
  • The most important features were the ability to integrate with an existing email system and Active Directory
  • Polar Help Desk Professional was chosen because of its features, interface design and favorable pricing.


  • Service Point uses Polar Help Desk as single point of access to integrated support and customer information from any Web browser.
  • Through the implementation of Polar Help Desk technicians now have one work area to monitor and update incidents, which has freed up technicians to focus more on the incidents and less on the tracking.
  • The solution was adopted quickly by the support staff who required minimal training
  • They system was effectively organized into 12 different groups that route based upon 21 different templates the users can choose from when creating a new incident. The groups are broken into software, telecom, and network support groups etc. Each group has users assigned based upon their technical skills.
  • Service Point USA improved tracking, management of customer information and support requests.
  • The quality of support was increased and no incidents were lost during support process
  • The communication between sales and support was improved


Now we can efficiently organize and manage incidents based upon their priority, and we now have a trail of what support reps are doing during the troubleshooting process. It has freed up my time as the Network Ops Manager, allowing me to focus on more significant issues like server deployments, upgrades, and other major network infrastructure changes.

With the purchase of this package it has allowed me to focus on larger issues and also to start planning for the future of my company’s infrastructure. I can now track incidents to ensure support reps are providing proper support to our internal users. There is no doubt that Polar Help Desk was the right choice for Service Point USA!

Sean Donnelly, Network Operations Manager

About Service Point USA

The company provides value-added added reprographic printing and document management services and web-based tools to the professional design marketplace through its web site (, over 350 On-Site Services programs within host design firms (also known as Facilities Management) and through 16 service centers in the Northeast United States.


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