Language Management

Choose language for your help desk interface

With this feature you can easily create new language interface for your help desk solution. You are able to translate all the text displayed on the help desk interface. The Language Management screen provides the functionality to import and export languages and choose the default language.

Some languages are already supported in the help desk software and you can use them by choosing one as a default language. If you do not find your language in the Enabled Languages list, you can make the translation yourself. The translation is simple since you only need to translate a few “strings” within the xml file and import it.

Set the default language for any Business Unit or any user

For each business unit or a single user you can choose a display language: different business units or users can use different languages. The interface for these users will be displayed in the language currently selected. Users can change the display language in their profile settings.

With unique help desk software solution you can provide customer support worldwide, while customized and adjusted to your clients preferences.


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