Polar Encrypt is the complete text and file protection solution for all users who need a tool that encrypts data, but who are dissatisfied with the unreliable, complicated and expensive applications already on the market.

In short, it can be used in:

  • Encrypting/decrypting and compressing/decompressing files;
  • Encrypting/decrypting and compressing/decompressing text;
  • Creating Self-Decrypting-Extracting archives, which can be decrypted by entering the appropriate password, even if Polar Encrypt is not installed on that particular computer.

However, we have elaborated more familiar situations in here in which you can count on Polar Encrypt.

Customer situation Helpful Polar Encrypt Feature
I have a confidential document that I often must use on other people’s PCs. I want to be able to leave the document on their computers for my future use, but I need to keep it safe. Create Self-Decrypting-Extracting (EXE) zip archives, which can be decrypted by simply opening the file and entering the appropriate password. The EXE file can be opened and decrypted on computers that do not have Polar EnCrypt installed on them, as long as the user knows the correct password!

I need to save files ( complete archive structure) on a CD and I want to prevent others to access them without my knowledge. Compress, encrypt and archive entire directory structures into an encrypted archive on on a hard disk, removable medias, CD ROMs, floppies and network disks.

We daily send sensitive information to our customers via e-mail. The messages contain short text that needs to be “locked”. Any complicated procedure is not acceptable because of the frequent use. We need a tool that works with only a few clicks. To compress, encrypt and encode either RTF or ASCII text with a password (it supports copying/pasting text to/from any external application).

Occasionaly, I send large attachments (articles with the confidentional content) through e-mails. How can I reduce the attachments’ size and protect them in a simple way. Reduce the size of data sent through e-mail since both files and data are first compressed and then encrypted.

As a small company that does business with governmental organizations and institutions, we need to backup sensitive commercial data on weekly basis. It is of extreme importance that encrypted information is unbreakable. To password protect files and data stored on a hard disk, removable medias, CD ROMs, floppies and network disks using the latest and strongest AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption algorithm.


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