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Does the person I am chating with, need to have the application installed and turned on?
No. It is enough that one of the contacts, participating in the chat, has the application running.

Who can see the web page that shows all the chat transcripts?
Anyone. No logging in is required to view this web page.

Where is this web page located?
At the moment the page is hosted on our server: http://skymem.polarsoftware.com

I have installed Polar Skymem, but it fails to start.
The problem is probably appearing because you have not allowed Polar Skymem to use Skype software or(and) use you firewall. After you install and start the application a window “Another program wants to use Skype” will pop up. Choose the option “Allow this program to use Skype”.

How do I search chat messages in my Skype Chat History?
First, you have to build a full index of your Skype chats. In Polar Skymem’s main window, select “Tools” and then “Skype Chat History”. The Skype Chat History dialog will show up. You can start the full index building process by selecting “Menu” and then “Perform full reindex”. After this, a progress bar will appear indicating the status of the indexing process. Whenever (it doesn’t matter if the indexing process is finished or not), try typing a few letters in the text box and see what happens!

I want to register on Polar Skymem’s web application. How can I do that?
It’s very simple. In Polar Skymem’s desktop application, select “Tools -> Skymem web registration..” and registration form will open in your browser. Type in your desired login name (if you don’t like the suggested one), enter the same password in both fields and finally click “Register”.

How can I tag my logged chats?
If you want to tag chats, you have to finish the registration, as described in the previous question. Then, log on to Polar Skymem’s system and you’ll see “Tag it” link near every chat header. Clicking on it displays tagging form with your tags of that particular chat. If you want to add new tags, just write them somewhere in the text box, but make sure that they’re comma delimited. If you want, you can also delete or modify existing tags. Hit “Tag this chat” and you’re done!


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