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These frequently asked questions refer to all Polar Components.

Do you offer technical support for trial version software?
Yes, we do. Our support team is ready to help anyone, but we must remind you that our registered customers are always served first.

Is the number of licenses referring to developers or to end users?
The number of licenses refers to the number of developers. One software license is required per 1 developer who is allowed to use the component on more than one computer (for example, on the desktop computer and the notebook). Re-distribution with your application is royalty free. Also, we offer a site license for an unlimited number of developers at a single physical address.

What does “Royalty free” mean?
It means your end-users who work with your application, which includes Polar component, do not pay any additional fees to Polar.

What is your upgrade policy?
Minor upgrades that include bug fixes and minor improvements are free. Major upgrades carry an upgrade fee. Also we always give a 30-day grace period (any upgrade, major or minor, within 30 days of the purchase is free).

What about a FREE UPGRADE to a major version?
Customers who purchased any of Polar Components within 30 days of the release date of the new Polar Component major version will get a 30 day grace period to claim their FREE UPGRADE!

Can you help us with custom coding for a price?
Polar is a product oriented company and we do not customize our products. However, Polar Components come with the source code at no extra cost. The source code enables you to modify the product for your specific needs. Also you can suggest some new product features which may be considered for the implementation.

Can I use the source code instead of component when developing my own application? What do you mean by full source code access? Am I allowed to compile the full code in a local machine?
Yes, you can compile and modify full source code according to your needs, provided the software is used in accordance to the Polar End User License Agreement. The Agreement is the part of the software.

In which program language is the source code of Polar Draw written?
Polar Draw Component source code is completely written in Microsoft Visual C++.

May I redistribute the modified sample application of a Polar component without source code for commercial purpose?
Yes, you can redistribute the modified sample application of a Polar component without source code for commercial purpose.

Is there any documentation that comes with delivery/download of Polar Components?
Help files with examples are included with each Polar Component.

I have installed Polar Component ActiveX control on my new computer and registered OCX file successfully but when I try to use this in VB6 it shows me the error message: “License information not found. You do not have permission to use this component in design environment.”
The reason you could not use Polar Component is because a license file is missing. It is possible that you moved the OCX file to some other directory, but you did not move the LIC file. (It is needed while developing, but is not re-distributable!) Therefore, move the LIC file to the same location where the OCX file is.

Is an upgrade from Polar Components for .NET to the Polar Components product possible and if so what is the price?
Yes, the option is to pay only the difference in prices between Polar Components and .NET and Polar Components.

What platforms does Polar Components support?
Polar Components work with all major Windows™ development languages and platforms including:

  • MS Visual Basic,
  • MS Visual C++,
  • MS Visual InterDev,
  • MS Access,
  • MS FoxPro for Windows,
  • Microsoft Office,
  • Borland Delphi,
  • Borland C++Builder,
  • PowerBuilder,

Any other 32-bit visual programming environment that supports ActiveX technology, It can also be used in web scripting languages, your ASP and DCOM projects, regardless of what developing tool you are using for web development.

How is the version of Polar Component determined?
To determine Polar Component version find component DLL file, click with right mouse button on file and chose Properties menu item from popup menu and then select tab Version and you can see “File version” information.


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