No additional software required

Polar Converter Component doesn’t require Word installed, like some other products, in order to convert files from and to DOC or XML format. Conversion is done exclusively by our component. However, if you have MS Word installed, you can use it through our component as well.

WordML support

This is the first component to support converting from and to Microsoft Word XML – WordML documents. WordML is used in the latest version of Microsoft Office and is superior to previous document format. There is no doubt that it will be the used by the
majority of Word users

100% independent technology

Polar Converter Component is 100% developed by our company, and it does not include any parts from Microsoft or others. We have the complete control over the project and are able to fix any problem that may occur or make an improvements, the one for new version or custom projects you may want.

Full source code available at request

This component, unlike the other Polar’s components, does not include full source code. Contact us with your demands and we will try to give you the suitable offer for the full source code.


Polar Converter Component is compatible with a wide range of development languages and platforms, including:

  • MS Visual Basic
  • MS Visual Basic .NET
  • MS Visual C++
  • MS Visual C++ .NET
  • MS FoxPro for Windows
  • MS C#
  • Borland C++Builder
  • Borland Delphi
  • Any other 32-bit programming environments that support ActiveX components


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