Polar Crypto is the user-friendliest product on the market. It easily fits any budget and is accessible regardless of your level of expertise in computer cryptography.

Encryption / Decryption
Encrypt files, strings, buffers (Encrypt Method, Decrypt Method)
Use symmetric (AES and Twofish) or asymmetric keys (RSA)
Use public and private RSA keys for encryption/decryption
256-bit symmetric keys for AES
256-bit symmetric keys for Twofish
512, 1024 and 2048-bit keys for asymmetric RSA encryption
Digital signature
Sign your data with the RSA private key (Sign Method)
Verify signed data (VerifySignature Method)
Hash generation
Produce a hash value using the SHA-1 algorithm
Produce a hash value using the SHA-2 algorithm
Set the Streaming Property to TRUE if you do not have a single data block
Random Generator
Use the built-in random data generator (Blum, Blum and Shub algorithm)
Set your own seed for an algorithm (RandomGeneratorSeed Property)
Convert your data to the Base64 or Hex format with the CryptoData Object
Manipulate the original binary data
General process information
Use the OnError Event to detect any errors in the encryption/decryption process
ProcessingStatus Event will tell you the current status of the operation
Full source code
Product includes
ActiveX Component
DLL (dynamic link library)
Full source code written in VC++ 6.0 included
Support through Polar HelpDesk
Access to Polar Knowledge base
1 developer licence ( click for other prices ) Free! $239 (full C++ source code included)


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