Polar Crypto Light is simple to use and yet it supports the securest, most recommended and most up-to-date cryptographic standards and crypto systems.



  • Encrypt files, strings, buffers (Encrypt Method, Decrypt Method)
  • Use public and private RSA keys for encryption/decryption
  • 256-bit symmetric keys for AES

General process information

  • Use the OnError Event to detect any errors in the encryption/decryption process
  • ProcessingStatus Event will tell you the current status of the operation

Component object model

CryptoLight Object

The CryptoLight object represents the control, and does all the encryption/decryption operations.


  • AllowErrorReporting Property
  • Password Property


  • Encode Method
  • Decode Method
  • Decrypt Method
  • DecryptFile Method
  • Encrypt Method
  • EncryptFile Method


  • Error Event
  • ProcessingEnded Event
  • ProcessingStarted Event
  • ProcessingStatus Event

List of enumerations

  • pceErrorConstants Enumeration
  • pcfEncodingFormat Enumeration
  • pcmProcessingMode Enumeration


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