Polar Draw v 3.0

Polar Draw version 3.0 is upgraded with the following new features.

  • Full shape rotation:the shape’s interior and the RTF text are rotated as well.
  • The dialog boxes that are part of the Polar Draw interface can be translated to any language. The user is allowed to change the text of every button, label or list box item that is visible. It is performed in an easy way, even during the run time.
  • Antialiasing is supported for all the textual entities on the screen. The plain text, as well as the RTF text antialiasing is supported.
  • Free RTF text as separate shape.
  • Customized textures. Beside the predefined textures, you can create your own.
  • Outline text around shapes. You can create curves or polygons with the text along its outline. It allows you to have elliptic or any wave texts in any font or size.
  • The hair-line moving on the rulers as the mouse moves over the canvas. It allows you to precisely position shapes and gives better control over accuracy of your drawing. The hair-line appearance is optional.
  • Drag and drop file. PDR file can be dragged and dropped into the canvas surface.
  • Adjusting height of the rectangular shape to the size of RTF text fitting in.
  • Any particular shape on the canvas (a simple or a group) can be drawn to a HDC of your own.
  • CanUndo and CanRedo properties. Allows you to enable or disable the buttons for these operations to indicate that a new undo or redo action is available or not.
  • Full support for creating clickable images for usage on Internet web pages. The bitmap file and the supporting image map with the coordinates of all the hot areas are created.

Polar Draw features

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Full source code

Polar Draw Component is completely written in Microsoft Visual C++. Source code, which you get for free, has many advantages:

  • Ability to customize it;
  • You can further develop the product;
  • Complete control of the product’s programming quality;
  • Now it is free!

Source code license agreement


This functionality enables Polar Draw to become a powerful flow charting tool. The link object is a special object that has the sole purpose of connecting shapes together. Since it is a real shape, you can set properties for it:

  • Arrowheads, style and size;
  • Line color, thickness and style;
  • Shape name, for easier identification.

Object links in flowcharting:

  • Rectilinear and direct object links;
  • Ability to edit nodes and links through source code;
  • Object avoidance: auto-routing algorithm routes the connecting line around other objects;
  • Adjusting the position of the first and the last point of a link.

Vector drawing

Polar Draw comes with a set of predefined shapes, such as: Arcs; Dimension line; Rectangle; Curve; Ellipse; Line; Freeform polygons; Text; Diamond; Triangle; Right triangle; Parallelogram; Trapezoid; Hexagon; Octagon; Plus sign; Star; Pentagon; Left arrow; Scribble; Etc.

You can subject shapes to:

  • Formatting;
  • Grouping/Ungrouping;
  • Moving;
  • Rotating;
  • Flipping;
  • Reversing, etc.


Simply add hyperlinks to each shape and drawing page. Through a hyperlink you can jump to another Polar Draw drawing, another file (.DOC, .XLS, etc.), or your Web site for example!

Raster imaging tools

Several raster imaging tools are @ your disposal:

  • Filling shapes with patterns, textures, pictures (BMP,JPG, GIF, metafiles) and with all standard colors;
  • Bitmap effects to shapes and/or their shadows (brighten, add and limit color, transparency, heatmap, tinted grayscale, custom color map, invert, etc.);
  • Lens effects.

Text editing

Polar Draw has a variety of text manipulating devices:

  • Plain text: This device is convenient when drawing titles, logos, or other short text you want to manipulate, i.e. rotate, stretch, flip, custom-fill, etc.;
  • Text boxes: This device is suitable for manipulating large blocks of formatted text;
  • Displaying and editing text in any shape;
  • WYSIWYG RTF text editor.

Object model

The object model of Polar Draw is improved and therefore far more logical and intuitive. It allows you to manipulate shapes and events quickly and easily.

Database connections

Polar Draw can also read data from or write data to a memory variable defined as a Binary Large Object (BLOB.) This allows you to store Polar Draw documents in a database table and later retrieve them from the database table.

Workspace display

A variety of properties are available to set the way you want the drawing workspace to be displayed with:

  • Guidelines;
  • Grid;
  • Paper background;
  • Scroll bars;

Coordinate system

Polar Draw has a single absolute coordinate system. It utilizes:

  • Millimeters;
  • Centimeters;
  • Twips;
  • Himetric units;
  • Hienglish units (0.001 inch);
  • Inches;
  • Points;
  • Picas;
  • Pixels, as measurement units.

It is easy to switch from one to another.


Several useful printing options are @ your disposal:

  • Polar Draw prints the whole drawing or only selected shapes;
  • Specifies print settings such as margins, orientation, paper size, etc.;
  • Complete control of printing, Print Preview and PrinterSetup dialog box.

Other features

  • Unlimited Undo-Redo capability;
  • Zooming;
  • Panning;
  • Dynamic re-ordering and object grouping;
  • Many C++ and VB sample projects with complete source code.


Polar Draw is compatible with a wide range of development languages and platforms, including:

  • MS Visual Basic;
  • MS Visual C++;
  • MS FoxPro for Windows;
  • Borland C++Builder;
  • Borland Delphi;
  • Any other 32-bit programming environments that support ActiveX components.


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