Polar SpellChecker Server Component

Polar SpellChecker Server Component

Easily add spell checking functionality to your web pages and web applications! With Polar Spellchecker Server you get server-side spell checking component so it does not require any installation on client side. ASP samples are included with the product, which makes the component implementation even faster and easier.

Full source code

Like all Polar components, Polar SpellChecker Server includes source code written in Microsoft Visual C++ at no extra cost – it is included with all editions! You are allowed to modify it to best suit your needs or even add new features, which makes our component unique on the market!

Polar SpellChecker Server key features

  • Spell-checking text – only web browser is required for end users.
  • Spell-checking HTML pages – Polar SpellChecker Server can be set to ignore HTML tags, so it can check the text on HTML page.
  • Simultaneous use of multiple dictionaries – no matter if selected text is in more languages – it will be spell-checked correctly.
  • Custom dictionaries – ability to create your own dictionaries from word lists.
  • Designed for server use – specially made for ASP, ASP .NET, and related technologies.
  • XML reports – SpellChecker can now give detailed report ofperformed spell-check in a form of XML file.
  • 14 dictionaries included – all dictionaries are free for download and can be used with trial version as well.

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Licensing that meets your needs

No matter if you are creating a simple Web page or developing a server application, you can find a licensing option that will best suit your business needs. More info…


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