Polar Zip for .NET is a complete compression solution for the .NET environment!

Polar Zip for .NET will meet all your compression needs whether you require simple Zip / Unzip functions or advanced features

Check the list below and see for yourself!

  1. ZIP actions
  2. UnZIP actions
  3. Multi-disk and multi-file archives
  4. Memory compression
  5. General zip information
  6. Tools
  7. General process information
  1. Zip actions
    • Create a new zip file;
    • Delete files in a zip file;
    • Compress entire directories and their contents or a list of directories;
    • Compress only files newer than those already in the zip file (Refresh);
    • Compress files and add them to a zip file (Update);
    • Delete files after zipping them (Move);
    • Have specified types of files directly copied into a zip file without compression;
  2. UnZIP Actions
    • Decompress files from a zip file;
    • Specify the directory where files will be decompressed to;
    • Only decompress files that are newer than the ones already existing on disk (Refresh);
  3. Multi-disk and multi-file archives
    • Reads and writes zip files that span multiple disks;
    • Creates multi-part zip files directly to a hard drive;
    • Converts multi-file archives to one single zip file;
    • Converts an existing zip file to a multi-file or a multi-disk archive;
    • Events during disk spanning;
    • Formats disks before writing on them;
  4. Streaming and memory compression
    • Compressing and decompressing data into and from any .NET stream;
    • Compressing and decompressing memory buffers;
  5. General zip information
    • Obtain a detailed list of files in a zip file;
    • Use wildcards to specify the files to be processed;
    • Specify the name and location of a zip file;
    • Events provide data such as the file size before compression, the compressed file size and other information as it becomes available;
    • You have full control over zip comments;
  6. Tools
    • Specify different encryption and decryption passwords for each file if needed;
    • Tests the integrity, repairs corrupted zip files and reports any inconsistencies found;
    • Make the zip file date the same as the newest item;
  7. General process information
    • Set the compression level;
    • Work on temporary copies of zip files for maximum safety. You can specify the location of the temporary zip file;
    • All operations can be aborted;
    • Notifies your application whenever a file is being zipped, unzipped, updated, deleted, etc.;
    • Provides the status of the progress by file and globally with the data shown as percentages, bytes and file counts;
    • You can easily update your progress bars directly with this information;
    • Limits file processing based on file dates: does not operate on files modified after/on the date you specify;


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