Polar ZIP Light allows you to seamlessly add zipping functionalities to your applications.

Compare Polar ZIP Component and Polar ZIP Light features

Features Polar ZIP Light Polar ZIP Component
Zip actions
Create a new zip file
Delete files in a zip file
Compress entire directories and their contents or a list of directories
Compress only files newer than those already in the zip file (Refresh)
Compress files and add them to a zip file (Update)
Delete files after zipping them (Move)
Have specified types of files directly copied into a zip file without compression
Include a drive volume label in a zip file
UnZIP Actions
Decompress files from a zip file
Specify the directory where files will be decompressed to
Only decompress files that are newer than the ones already existing on disk (Refresh)
Converts spaces in filenames to underscores while unzipping
Multi-disk and multi-file archives
Reads and writes zip files that span multiple disks
Creates multi-part zip files directly to a hard drive
Converts multi-file archives to one single zip file
Converts an existing zip file to a multi-file or a multi-disk archive
Events during disk spanning: prompting for disks, prompting to erasing disks and so on. The Polar ZIP Component displays on the screen what you want it to display and enables you to use pre-defined dialogs
Formats disks before writing on them
Self-extracting features
Supported use of unbreakable AES encryption
Supported use of a password
Specify Self-extracting file name
Specify “Read Me” file that will be displayed when running a Self-extraction file
Specify “Execute After” file that will be executed when running a Self-extraction file
Specify folder to unzip files to when running a Self-extraction file
Specify whether the dialogs will be displayed when running a Self-extraction file
Specify whether existing files will be overwritten during unzipping, while the Self-extraction file is running
Memory compression
Memory compression & decompression
Memory to zip file conversion and vice versa
General zip information
Obtain a detailed list of files in a zip file;
Use wildcards to specify the files to be processed;
Specify the name and location of a zip file;
Events provide data such as the file size before compression, the compressed file size and other information as it becomes available;
You have full control over zip comments
Specify different encryption and decryption passwords for each file if needed
Tests the integrity, repairs corrupted zip files and reports any inconsistencies found
Converts existing zip files into self-extracting zip files and vice-versa
Make the zip file date the same as the newest item
Converts text LFs to CRLFs and vice-versa
General process information
Set the compression level
Work on temporary copies of zip files for maximum safety. You can specify the location of the temporary zip file
All operations can be aborted
Notifies your application whenever a file is being zipped, unzipped, updated, deleted, etc.
Provides the status of the progress by file and globally with the data shown as percentages, bytes and file counts
You can easily update your progress bars directly with this information
Limits file processing based on file dates: does not operate on files modified after/on the date you specify
Product includes
ActiveX Component
DLL (dynamic link library)
Full source code written in VC++ 6.0 included
Support through Polar HelpDesk
Access to Polar Knowledge base
1 developer licence ( click for other prices ) Free! $239 (full C++ source code included)


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