Polar ZIP Light allows you to seamlessly add zipping functionalities to your applications.

The easiest data compression tool you’ll ever use!

Features listed below are supported in Polar ZIP Light.

Zip actions

  • Create a new zip file;
  • Delete files in a zip file;
  • Compress entire directories and their contents or a list of directories;

UnZIP Actions

  • Decompress files from a zip file;
  • Specify the directory where files will be decompressed to;

General zip information

  • Use wildcards to specify the files to be processed;
  • Specify the name and location of a zip file;
  • Events provide data such as the file size before compression, the compressed file size and other information as it becomes available;
  • You have full control over zip comments;

General process information

  • Set the compression level;
  • Work on temporary copies of zip files for maximum safety. You can specify the location of the temporary zip file;
  • All operations can be aborted;
  • Notifies your application whenever a file is being zipped, unzipped, updated, deleted, etc.;
  • Provides the status of the progress by file and globally with the data shown as percentages, bytes and file counts;
  • You can easily update your progress bars directly with this information;
  • Limits file processing based on file dates: does not operate on files modified after/on the date you specify;

List of Methods, Properties and Events

All Polar ZIP features are accessible through simple properties, methods and events, just like in the components you are used to.


  • Add
  • Extract
  • Delete
  • List


  • AllowErrorReporting
  • CompressionLevel
  • ExtractDir
  • FilesToProcess
  • FilesToExclude
  • Overwrite
  • Password
  • RecurseSubdirs
  • ZipFileName


  • Error
  • ProcessStarted
  • ProcessEnded
  • FileStatus
  • FileInfo


Polar ZIP is compatible with a wide range of development languages and platforms. Click here to learn more.


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