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Technical Q&A

Is source code included with the product, like with other Polar’s components?
This component is very specific in terms of technology and therefore source code is not included. However, we are always open for custom agreements, so feel free to contact us and we will make an offer for you.

Can Polar Converter save files to DOC and RTF format?
This can be done only when using MS Word OLE Automation.

I am looking for a Word to PDF conversion utility to be run on a server. Can your Polar Converter product do this?
No, unfortunately Polar Converter does not support conversion to PDF file format.

Is it faster to use MS Word or not when converting, i.e. to check box “Use Word”?
If you decide to use MS Word, you will be able to use some more features (otherwise not available). On the other hand, the use of MS Word, slightly slows down the conversion process.

Is Polar Converter Component compatible with Visual Studio 2005 Professional?
You can work in Visual Studio 2005 with Polar Converter like with any other ActiveX component.

Is Polar Converter Component compatible with ASP.NET 2.0?
You can work in ASP.NET 2.0 with Polar Converter like with any other ActiveX component.

What versions of Word documents are supported by Polar Converter Component?
All Microsoft Word versions are supported in Polar Converter.

We want to install Polar Converter Component on our server. I see that your converter uses Word. Is that a must? Or can it convert DOC to HTML without Word? As far as I have understood,there are problems in using Word on a server. How does your product cope with those problems?
If you wish to make only DOC to HTML conversion you do not have to have Word installed on your server machine. However the opposite conversion (HTML to DOC) would require Microsoft Word OLE Automation.

If we want to install your product on our server, what prior software we need installed?
In order to install Polar Converter on a server no prior installations are needed accept MS Word OLE Automation in case you need conversions to/from RTF files and conversions to DOC documents.

How does Polar Converter Component react to a password-locked or corrupted file?
When the corrupted or password protected file s encountered Polar Converter Component throws an exception.

I want to use your PolarConverter component in a web server. It seems perfect, except, when I add the DLL reference in VS.NET, it makes some kind of interop wrapper, which is different for each machine it’s on – this will mean it’s not possible for
me to automatically deploy to my web server. Is there a way around this?

When ActiveX is added the .NET, Microsoft automatically generates a wrapper. This should not cause any problems while developing the application. You can also create the interop wrapper yourself using aximp.exe and reference it in your project. This way you will use same wrapper on any machine.

Does the Polar Converter Component actually physically convert the file?
Yes. New file is created, and the original file is preserved.

How long does the conversion take on simple and complex HTML files? Our users have report sets that contain tens to hundreds of HTML files, could the converter feasibly convert high numbers of HTML files in a reasonable time period?
Conversion process is quite fast. We have many users who convert many files and they are satisfied with the conversion speed.

Can all aspects of a HTML file (including all images) be converted into RTF?
In some cases the conversion produces a slightly different RTF file, but in most cases it works fine. You can download trial version from our web site (http://www.polarsoftware.com) and see if it suits your needs.

I have only MS Word 2000. Can I convert Word XML to Word document (.doc) with Polar Converter Component using Word 2000?
You need MS Word 2003 or newer version to use Word XML conversions.


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