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Tehnical Q&A

Does Polar Draw support any language other than English?
Yes, there are German, Spanish, Portuguese versions – please note that only the software dialogue is in German, Spanish and Portuguese, the Help files etc. remain in English.

What are the limitations of the trial version?
The Polar Draw trial version is completely functional. This meansthat you can use all available functions in the trial version as well as in the release version. The only difference between the trial and release versions are nag screens.

Which file formats are supported by Polar Draw?
Polar Draw ActiveX control can save drawings in its own (PDR) format and as Enhanced Metafiles (EMF).

Will DeleteShape/DeleteSelection functions remove the shape from both screen and memory?
The DeleteShape/DeleteSelection functions remove the shapes from the memory, so there is no fear that the removed shapes will take up space in memory.

Can I specify the line thickness and save the values in buttons? I presume the button saving is part of the windows development environment. So I guess I’m asking if all your variables are available to the programming language?
The line thickness is defined in the ‘Width’ property of the Line object. All other variables can be accessed using the properties.

I can’t print transparency box in document: I used lens function to adjust transparency box, but it does nothing, just white paper.
The problem you encounter is due to different graphic card standards used for 16 bit colors. Switching to 32 bit color in ControlPanel/Display/Settings will solve this problem.

For more details, check our Help file available in the download section.


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