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Tehnical Q&A

What are the limitations of the trial version?
The trial version of Polar SpellChecker for .NET is completely functional and expires after 30 days. This means that you get to experience all the functions present in our release version for 30 days. After trial period expires, component will throw an exception when you attempt to call it.

How easy it is to implement Polar SpellChecker for .NET into our product?
Polar SpellChecker for .NET comes with all spelling dialogs already integrated into the component. In most cases, all you have to do is pass some text to CheckText method and when it returns update your text control with string it returns. You can also modify the suggestion algorithms to suit your specific needs and change the language tables in case your application interprets characters differently.

Can I use custom spelling dialogs?
If you have any specific needs and require spelling dialogs different from the ones we provide or do not wish to use the dialogs at all but implement spelling in “as you type” system, all SpellChecker’s method and properties required to do this are exposed to you. With its intuitive component interface this is an easy task to accomplish.

When a user adds a word to the ignored word list it only works for the current session. If the user quits our application and starts it again the words that were added will be flagged as misspelled again. Can someone help me with this?
Did you try using our PSInitializeAutoCorrection() and PSSaveInitializationFile() methods?

  • SaveInitializationFile() method saves auto-correction and exceptions list to the file. This file can be loaded later when user wants to continue his work.
  • InitializeAutoCorrection() method opens file which contains list of words for auto correction. This file also includes exceptions list. Exceptions are the words which will not be corrected.

We are trying to use Polar SpellChecker for .NET in a VB.NET form for multiple textboxes in the form. However, Polar SpellChecker for .NET spell checks the textboxes, it does so by checking the words in one textbox and then goes to the next.
The problem is that if a word is misspelled in the first textbox and is corrected, the user is then required to correct the second textbox if the word is listed there also. We want the ability to only have to correct each word once and the correction will correctall occurrences of that word in the form. Is that possible?

Polar SpellChecker for .NET does not have a method that would automatically check multiple textboxes implemented. But, you can check multiple fields. When you work with multiple fields you do many single spell checkings. You take the text from the first field, spell check it and return the corrected text back to the first field. Then immediately after that, you take the text from the second field, spell check it and return the corrected text back to the second field and so on. To do that, we recommend you CheckText method.
Its syntax is CheckText (Text As String, ExitStatus As Variant) As String.

You pass the contents of textbox control and receive the return value, which represents corrected text. Then you place that text into textbox. During the process of spellchecking, dialog box will show up for incorrect words just as if you had used CheckTextControl method.
Here is the code:

‘Click on Button1 spell checks Text1
Dim strResultText as String
Dim sc As New SpellChecker
sc.OpenDictionary "c:\SpellUS.lex"
Private Sub Button1_Click()
strResultText = sc.CheckText(Text1.Text, ExitStatus
End Sub

Is it possible to compile Polar Spell Checker for .NET on Mac, UNIX or some other operating system or does it rely too much on windows code?
Yes, it is possible to compile Polar Spell Checker for .NET on Mac, UNIX or some other system. The only part of Polar Spell Checker for .NET that is depended on windows operating system is the graphic layout.

Can a new version of dictionaries be used with older version of Polar SpellChecker for .NET?
In order to use dictionaries downloaded from our site you need to upgrade to latest version of Polar SpellChecker for .NET . Please contact our sales department for more details.

How can the location of the ‘Spelling’ dialog be controlled when calling PSCheckTextControl? It always seems to pop up so that is covers the edit control and incorrectly spelled word.
This can only be done by modifying the source code of the component. Coordinates of this dialog can be set relative to text control or absolute (to the whole screen). If you wish we can make these modifications for you. Just send us some kind of screenshot and well explained position for dialog to appear at.

How can I add words to the existing Lexicon SpellXYZ.lex?
This is what you can do:

  1. You can use ExtractWordsFromLex method to create a file containing words from the lex.
  2. Manually merge this file with your custom dictionary.
  3. Use ExportWordsToLex method to create new main dictionary (lex).

Does Polar SpellChecker for .NET support Unicode?
Polar Spell Checker for .NET is able to handle most of the .NET strings which are Unicode. However, if some characters apear which are strictly Unicode it will not work correctly.


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