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What’s the difference between Polar SpellChecker Server Component and Polar SpellChecker Component?
Polar SpellChecker Server Component is component designed for server use. e.g. implementing in web application or web page using ASP / ASP .NET. Polar SpellChecker Component is used when developing desktop applications.

How fast does Polar Spellchecker Server Component work?
We have specially designed it so it is not only fast, but, which is more important, capable of handling large number of simultaneous client requests.

How easy it is to implement Polar SpellChecker Server into our product?
In order to implement it, you need only a few lines of code. However, to make implementation even simpler, we have included samples with the product, so you can practically have spell checking implemented immediately.

What are the limitations of the trial version?
Trial version is fully functional. The only difference between trial and release version is dialog box in trial version which appears every 30 minutes and closes after 10 seconds.


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