Polar Zip for .NET is a complete compression solution for .NET environment!

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Tehnical Q&A

What are the limitations of the trial version?
The trial version of Polar ZIP Component is completely functional and expires after 30 days. This means that you get to experience all the functions present in our release version for 30 days. After trial period expires, component will throw an exception when you attempt to call it.

Is Polar ZIP for .NET compatible with ZIP standard?
Polar ZIP is 100% compatible with PKZIP 2.04g file format. ZIP files created by Polar ZIP can be used by PKZIP 2.04g and vice-versa.

What compression ratios does Polar Zip for .NET offer? Is there a set ratio or is it adjustable?
There is no fixed compression ratio in PolarZIP for .NET – the actual ratio depends on the type of the data being compressed. Due to the algorithms used, files with a repetitive data structure (i.e. images with large black areas) result in smaller archive files than those of a more random nature. If you want to adjust the intensity of compression, Polar Zip for .NET allows you to choose from ten different compression level – from simply storing files to using complex methods resulting in the highest compression ratios.

Why are some anti-spyware programs detecting Polar ZIP as spyware?
Our product is free from spyware and viruses for sure. We believe the problem is in anti-spyware software so you should contact the manufacturer of your anti-spyware program in order to resolve this issue.

How much time do I need to spend between installing Polar Zip for .NET and developing successful compression-intensive applications? I mean, how long will it take me to learn to use it? And what about compatibility?
Polar Zip for .NET is simple: being a software developer, you know your time is precious. Now, you can devote it to what you do best – your own projects. When you need compression, just point the task to Polar Zip for .NET and consider it done – all actions (compression, decompression, archive splitting and combining) can be preformed with a single line of code. And you have archives 100% compatible with the latest zip file format, which can be used by any ZIP format supporting software in the world, plus you can use any ZIP archive you might come across.

Polar Zip for .NET is advertised to be both simple & advanced at the same time – just how is this accomplished?
If easy of use is what you’re after, all the important tasks are achieved through the static interface quick methods (i.e. Polar.Zip.QuickZip(“archive.zip”, “c:\data”, “*”) ). Polar Zip for .NET’s advantages become evident when you use the object – oriented approach in more advanced compression operations. Any option you might come across is probably (if it’s been used in the last 15 years by a number of people, that is) already included, as you can see by yourself examining the feature list.

How to create multi-part zip files directly to a hard drive?
Here is the example for creating multi archive zip files:

// multi archive on hard disk
// each file is maximum 100 kb
// e.g. if archive.zip is 340 kb then it will be split in
4 files (100 ,100,100 ,40 kb )
// with names arhive001.zip,archive002.zip,

archive003.zip, archive004.zip
ZipArchive pZipArchive = new ZipArchive(@"c:\archive.zip");
pZipArchive.AddFiles(@"c:\temp", new ZipFileFilter("*"),
100 * 1024);

For unzipping multi archive files you need to combine it first.
Here is the example:

ZipArchive pZipArchive = new ZipArchive(@"c:\combined_archive.zip");
(note: for spanned archive string, argument for CombineSpannedArchive
method you could put any spanned archive file e.g. "c:\archive020.zip")

What is maximum single file size that can be included in a zip file.
Maximum single file size that can be included in a zip file is limited to 2GB.

Is Polar Zip for .NET managed code and what language is the source code developed in?
Yes, Polar ZIP for .NET is 100% managed code. Full source code is written in managed c++.

I’ve purchased a copy of Polar ZIP for .NET and I receive this error:
A first chance exception of type ‘Polar.Zip.ZipException’ occurred in polar.zip.dll Additional information: Trial period for the Polar Zip for .NET component has expired. To continue using this component please purchase the release version of the component at http://www.polarsoftware.com.
What is the problem?

You should do the following to solve the problem:

  1. Uninstall the trial component
  2. Delete all the Zip dll’s that remained on hard disk
  3. Run your test program that uses Zip. It should not work now at all since there is no any Zip dll on the disk. This is a proof that there is no trial dll on the machine.
  4. Install the release component

Can Polar Zip for .NET extract or list archives with the following file extensions . and .arc?
Polar Zip for .NET deals only with zip archives that are compatible with the PKZIP format.

Is there a way to create a folder in a zip file? I would like to zip files NOT with the original folder, but would like to create one and add files to the zip folder.
It is not possible to create a folder in ZIP file conventionally on your disk. However, you can catch FileStartedCompressing Event and change every file name that represents font ?(there is a function to detect this ) and simply append the folder name in front of it.
So the FileName will be “arial.ttf” when event handling starts and then you change it to “fonts\arial.ttf


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